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Marketing Space develop ideas, strategies and insights that help you to start and/or grow a business. Our marketing services range covers research to brand strategy to marketing promotions and everything in between.   


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Marketing Space are inspiring businesses through marketing. 

Working with businesses to provide strategic direction on what marketing they could be doing; and helping them to prioritise what is worth doing!



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The diversity of business types and situations is exciting to tackle.

Recent projects include:

- go to market strategy for a new retail product, including retail positioning, merchandising and launch promotions

- development of target market profiles and marketing strategies for a critical childrens service

- website strategy and planning for a prestige building company  


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5 Reasons Most Content Marketing Campaigns Fail Easily

Your content is fruitful only when it delivers the right brand message to your potential customers. Hence, content marketing plays an important role in helping you get an edge over the competitors. But most content marketers try to adopt shortcuts for achieving certain short-term strategies by posting low-quality content, thereby failing easily in achieving their long-term goals such as ROI and edge over the competitors. The following are the 5 ways that surely lead to failure.

  1. Heavy focus on direct response conversion

It takes a while for a prospect to be converted into a customer. Content is a part of this journey, but is not the step, just before conversion. The content marketers become too ambitious and focus too much on content. They evaluate the success of their content strategies by assessing who is buying immediately. In fact, they should measure the content as a touch point in the entire cycle of buying. With the short-term conversion, they stop investing further and invite failure to their Linkedin Expert campaigns and content marketing campaign.

  1. Lack of value of products

Content must have the value to attract the attention of the audience. Leads get converted into customers if they find the call to action of content marketers too strong and product is too compelling. In fact, the interest in the content evokes the intent of a lead to opt in for the product. Therefore, your content must have a strong value proposition for the products.

  1. Gaping holes in conversion funnel

When traffic is acquired, only a part of the marketing equation is solved. The content marketers should not only focus on building an audience around their content, but also engaging the audience and converting the prospects into customers. These steps need to be clearly defined and linked to an end-to-end framework of marketing. If the content marketer does not take the help of professional analytics or automation expert, failure of the marketing efforts will be more clearly defined.

  1. Misinterpreting the term Lead

Lead can be interpreted as a situation where an interest moves to intent. An interest may be someone who has chanced to land upon your content and is just interested in knowing about your point of view on a subject. On the other hand, the intent is someone who is putting active efforts to find a solution to an urgent problem, by researching. If a content marketer overlooks the behaviour of the customers and examines only the aggregate level data, he can easily fail in his effort.

  1. Robotic Approach

Content marketers sometimes commit the error of creating content that is limited in scope and has a direct relation with their services or products; without any humanistic touch. The content becomes too much sales-oriented and stifling. They become too rigid in presenting their point of view, without giving consideration to others. Consequently, their creativity and communication get stifled which in turn leads to failure of their marketing efforts.

Supported by the latest online marketing technology such as websites like, it is essential for the content marketers to infuse human touch into their efforts to engage and encourage the audiences to have a ‘feel good’ experience.